As we work hard preparing our Clubs to reopen their doors, we are proud to share ‘The GoodLife Standard.’ This new standard will help guide the reopening of our Clubs across the country and will ensure the safety and health of our Members and Associates going forward.

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While our criteria for cleanliness have always been high, the COVID-19 pandemic requires us to take this to an even higher standard – The GoodLife Standard. We have engaged in meaningful conversations with many government stakeholders to ensure that the approach we are taking is aligned with recommendations provided by their public health experts. Additionally, our dedicated team has been hard at work consulting experts in infection prevention, and cleaning and sanitization, to create a reopening plan that is caring, informed, comprehensive and consistent.

Although our new health and safety standards will be updated regularly, it is important to recognize that public health information and provincial orders can change quickly. We will do everything we can to update our standards and website as quickly as possible in response to these changes.

We’re in this together, and we need to work together to keep everyone healthy and safe. By taking care of those around us, we are also taking care of our community, and ultimately our country. We look forward to welcoming you back.

What is GoodLife doing to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in its Clubs?
GoodLife has embarked on an unprecedented effort to ensure our Clubs are as safe as possible for all our Members and Associates. Reopening GoodLife's Clubs is a complex undertaking that must be handled with the utmost care. As such, we have consulted a variety of experts in infection prevention and control and sanitization to ensure the reopening of every Club aligns with or exceeds the recommendations and standards put forth by all levels of government. Our plan is focused on three main areas: ensuring physical distancing, reducing capacity levels in our Clubs, and enhanced cleaning and sanitization practices.

We have brought all three of these important considerations together to create The GoodLife Standard, which will guide the reopening of our Clubs across the country to ensure the health and safety of all our Members and Associates.

Our new health and safety standards will be updated regularly. It is important to recognize that public health information and provincial orders can change quickly. We will be doing everything we can to update our Standards and website as quickly as possible in response to these changes.

We're in this together, and we need to work together to keep everyone healthy and safe. By taking care of those around us, we are also taking care of our community, and ultimately our country. We look forward to welcoming you back.
Do I have to wear a mask at GoodLife?
Responding to the varied masking mandates and restrictions in Public Health regions across the country, GoodLife introduced a colour-coded masking system. GoodLife’s mask level system has four colour-coded levels, ranging from Green to Red. At level Green, masks are not required in GoodLife Clubs; at level Red, masks must be worn at all times, in all areas of the Club.

Our goal by implementing this system is to clarify mask usage standards for Members at each Club. Please note that your Club’s masking level may change at any given time as per regional Public Health guidelines and/or GoodLife decisions. To find the individual requirements for your Club, please refer to the chart under Club & Mask Status.
Showers are currently available at some Clubs. We highly recommend that you continue to shower at home if possible.

Please Find Your Club to determine whether showers are available at your Club.

Towel service will remain closed in all Clubs until further notice.
Water Fountains
Members are encouraged to bring a pre-filled water bottle for their workout. Water fountains will be equipped with bottle fillers, but Members are not permitted to drink directly from the water fountains.
Foam Rollers, Bands and Mats
Foam rollers, bands and mats are available to Members at this time. These items must be cleaned before and after each use. Members are encouraged to bring their own small equipment, where possible, to decrease the number of items being handled in the Club.
Floor fans and mounted fans will remain OFF at this time to prevent any unnecessary air movement. Ceiling fans will remain ON to provide air flow necessary for proper ventilation
Front Desk
Only one Associate will be behind the Front Desk at a time and is only able to assist one Member at a time while other Members wait in the designated areas.* We ask for your patience as our Associates try to assist with any questions you may have as promptly and safely as they can.

*In some Clubs, where space allows for safe physical distancing while assisting Members, up to two associates may be allowed behind the front desk at the same time.
I have prepaid for my membership in full, how do I receive an extension for my membership?
All paid-in-full Members will have the expiry date of their Membership extended by the same number of days that their Club is closed. This will happen automatically and does not require further action from the Member.
I am uncertain about all of these changes and the impact they will have on my gym experience. Will you be lessening any of these measures soon?
We are dealing with unprecedented circumstances and are doing everything we can to provide our Members with the best experience possible, while continuing to meet or exceed all government guidelines related to safety.

These changes are temporary and we do hope we will be able to resume our regular operations soon; however, we will only do so once it is safe, following the guidelines and recommendations from government and public health officials.
With some amenities closed or restricted, will you be reducing Membership fees?
We are not reducing Membership fees, but we will not be charging for any amenity add-ons at this time. All limitations to our amenities and services are required to ensure we are offering a safe Club environment and complying with government regulations.

In order to add value for our Members while some options are unavailable, we have been working hard behind the scenes to provide more online options to support you as you work on your health and fitness goals from outside our Clubs. This includes continuing to offer live, online workout and mental wellness classes every week, as well as daily workouts and content on our social media channels.

If you are not comfortable paying Membership fees while amenities and services are reduced, we are offering Membership freezes for free. Please contact our Member Experience team if you would like to learn more.
Despite all the safety measures you have put in place, I still don’t feel ready to come into my Club when it opens. What are my options?
People join GoodLife because they want to be and feel healthy, happy and strong – physically and mentally. In pursuit of the good life, they often find a sense of community that keeps them coming back and a convenience that is second to none in Canada.

Even with our robust investments in safety, we recognize that these are unique and challenging times and that everyone’s personal situations are different. You trust us with your health and fitness goals and, if you aren’t ready to come back to our Clubs just yet, we understand. That is why we are offering a no-fee temporary Membership freeze to any Member who requests it.

We highly recommend trying out this new Club experience before you freeze your Membership. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! But if you’re just not ready, that’s ok too.

To activate a no-fee freeze, visit our Member Portal, click "My Account" and then "Profile."
Why do I have to book my workout?
With online booking, we’re finding a balance between providing Members with the best experience possible while continuing to meet or exceed all government guidelines related to safety. A preset capacity for each Club helps facilitate physical distancing, while booking your workout helps guarantee your time in the gym.

To create our booking system, we closely reviewed past check-in volumes, Club square footage and government regulations. We have put in a significant amount of time, research and consideration into this system, and we are confident that it will help provide a positive experience for our Members and give as many people as possible the chance to achieve their health and fitness goals. We will continue to monitor the system and your feedback and update our procedures where needed on a Club-by-Club basis.
If allowed by provincial guidelines, lockers will be available. In order to ensure physical distancing and cleanliness, locker capacity has been reduced, with select lockers secured so they cannot be used. Used lockers will be cleaned after each use to ensure it is safe for the next Member. Members will be asked to leave their locker open at the end of their workout. If the locker is closed, it is clean and is safe to be used by the next Member. This may vary between provinces based on provincial regulations.
Hairdryers and Curling Irons
Hairdryers and curling irons are not available. Due to health and safety concerns, Members are not permitted to bring their own.
Clubs in my region are temporarily closed due to government restrictions, can I visit GoodLife Clubs in other regions?
While Clubs are closed in your region due to government restrictions, we ask that you do not visit Clubs in regions outside of your own. There may be rare exceptions to these guidelines, such as if a Member’s home club, as listed on their GoodLife account, is affected by the temporary closure, but they live in a surrounding region where gyms remain open and they can provide proof of residence in that region.

It is important to note that all Members – no matter where they live – must follow the health screening on the GoodLife App or the on-door signage and verify that they are symptom-free, have not travelled in the last 14 days, and have not come into close contact with anyone who has contracted COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
Why are some Group Fitness classes available while others remain off the schedule?
Group Fitness class offerings have been modified according to government restrictions and to make sure we are running classes that can achieve our desired level of safety, while striving for the great experience our Members have come to expect.

The programs offered right now will allow us to promote physical distancing and take into account the exertion level of participants in order to reduce exposure to other Members and Instructors in the studio. Programs have been selected after a careful review of fitness industry practices given the current circumstances.

Other programs will be considered as we progress towards normal operations.
How will GoodLife determine when it is safe to re-open any closed amenities/service?
We are closely monitoring all local, provincial and federal health guidelines. We will only reopen closed amenities and services when it is safe to do so based on these guidelines and following the recommendations of public health officials.

Club Access And Amenities

While our Clubs are currently in one of two phases of the reopening protocol, we are now set to move out of our reopening phases and introduce our new Club access models. These new models encompass the various ways we will allow Members to access our Clubs for their workouts moving forward. Each of our Clubs are unique, so there will be a tailored approach to the access model selected for each Club. Please also see the list of FAQ’s below.

For the Clubs that will experience Club access changes on October 6, 2020, other exciting changes could include:

  • Times throughout the day where there are open workouts. During these times you will not be required to book your workout in advance and you will not be restricted to a 60-minute workout
  • Note: At busier Clubs there will still be bookable prime time slots when you will still be required to book your workout in order to guarantee your spot. Club schedules will begin to reflect the changes applicable October 6th on the 29th of September
  • Adjusted hours​ of operations to better suit our Member’s schedules (some Clubs will open at 5 a.m.)
  • Added amenities available in each club
  • Changes to Group Fitness class schedules (shifting the starting times of some classes to better align with Member check-ins, starting all classes at the time that they are scheduled to begin and adding new programming where possible)

While some things are changing, we are also maintaining a number of our current practices to ensure safety in our Clubs, including:

  • Safe Club capacity and physical distancing best practices, however, if there is capacity in the Club, Members can now walk-in at any time
  • If the general workout area in your Club is at capacity when you arrive, you will be required to line up in the designated waiting area until a spot becomes available
  • In order to maintain a safe class capacity and make time for clean-up and set-up, bookings are still required for live and virtual Group Fitness classes, as well as inthe For Women Group Fitness Studio and Virtual Cycling Studio
  • If you booked into any of the fitness studios and would like to transition to the general workout area, you must first check with an Associate at the front desk toensure that there is adequate space
  • If possible, we are still encouraging Members to use lower traffic check-in times (low traffic time slots typically include weekdays during the mid-afternoon or late evening and weekend afternoons)”
Search for a club for more details on schedules and amenities available near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

See if any of these frequently asked questions have the answer you're looking for
Why do online booking schedules vary from Club to Club?
Our Clubs are currently operating with a variety of access models that have been designed to meet changing public health restrictions and the needs of our Members in various provinces, regions and cities.

Some Clubs currently require bookings all day, and others do not require online bookings for any time slots throughout the day. In many Clubs, we have moved to a hybrid model that requires online bookings only during prime times; in these Clubs, all other workout times are open and do not require online bookings. We have introduced this model because we want to be able to guarantee spots during prime times to avoid long line-ups. Primetime booking spots are limited to 60 minutes. For open workouts, we recommend a maximum of 90 minutes to ensure we can continue to serve other Members.

Our capacity restrictions will remain the same for the time being. Reducing the number of booking blocks will allow Members to gradually flow in and out of the Club, reducing the groups of Members moving at the same time, or those moving at the end of a workout block to specific areas in the Club to finish a workout. During prime times, we will still take walk-ins, provided capacity allows for it. The website will have each Club’s specific weekday and weekend schedule.
Will Club Access Models change in the future?
Each of our Clubs is unique, and a tailored approach to the access model allows us to operate responsibly while continuing to provide an expanded and exceptional experience for each of our Members. We will continue to monitor each Club’s assigned Club Access Model and make changes as needed.
What amenities are available at my club?
We are constantly monitoring the opportunities to add new amenities. Please find your club to see which amenities are currently available

Club & Mask Status

Select a province below to view the current status of a club near you

For frequently asked questions surrounding these changes click here

When a club is at level green masks will not be required.

When a club is at level yellow masks must be worn upon entry, exit, in change rooms and moving between workout areas. Masks can be removed once you have begun to exercise and must be put back on as you leave the workout area.

When a club is at level orange masks must be worn to the same standard as level yellow PLUS masks must be worn while resting between sets and moving between machines/equipment.

When a club is at level red masks must be worn at all times, in all areas of the club. Please reduce your intensity level accordingly.


  • Airdrie Towerlane Centre  - Open

  • Calgary Beacon Hill  - Open

  • Calgary Canyon Meadows  - Open

  • Calgary Country Village and Harvest Hills  - Open

  • Calgary Deerfoot City  - Open

  • Calgary McKenzie Towne Centre  - Open

  • Calgary Mount Royal Village  - Open

  • Calgary Northland Village  - Open

  • Calgary Richmond Square  - Open

  • Calgary Shepard on 48th Street  - Open

  • Calgary Stephen Avenue   - Open

  • Calgary Sunridge  - Open

  • Calgary Westwinds and Castleridge  - Open

  • Cochrane Points West  - Open

  • Edmonton Brewery District  - Open

  • Edmonton Clireview Town Centre  - Open

  • Edmonton Mill Woods Town Centre  - Open

  • Edmonton Rabbit Hill Road and 23 Ave  - Open

  • Edmonton Southpark Centre  - Open

  • Edmonton Tamarack and Maple  - Open

  • Edmonton West Granville  - Open

  • Fort Saskatchewan Southpointe Centre  - Open

  • Medicine Hat Carry and Dunmore  - Open

  • Okotoks Southbank Centre  - Open

  • Red Deer Parkland Mall  - Open

  • Sherwood Park Mall  - Open

  • St Albert Inglewood Village  - Open
British Columbia

  • Abbotsford Clearbrook  - Open

  • Burnaby Metrotown  - Open

  • Burnaby Northgate  - Open

  • Fort St John and 93rd Ave  - Open

  • Kelowna Capri Centre   - Open

  • Mission The Junction  - Open

  • Prince George River Point Landing  - Open

  • Surrey Newton Commerce Centre  - Open

  • Vancouver Hemlock and 8th  - Open

  • Victoria Bay Centre  - Open

  • Brandon Shoppers Mall  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Winnipeg Garden City Shopping Centre  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Winnipeg Grant Park Shopping Centre  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Winnipeg Kenaston  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Winnipeg Portage and Banting  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Winnipeg Regent and Lagimodiere  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Winnipeg St James and Sargent  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
New Brunswick

  • Dieppe Blvd and Aquatique St  - Open

  • Fredericton Brookside Mall  - Open

  • Fredericton Uptown Centre   - Open

  • Moncton Junction Village  - Open

  • Moncton Mapleton Centre  - Open

  • Quispamsis Village Place  - Open

  • Saint John McAllister  - Open

  • Mount Pearl Richard Nolan and Merchant Drive  - Open

  • St John's Atlantic Place  - Open

  • St John's Blackmarsh and Columbus  - Open

  • St John's The Village Shopping Centre  - Open

  • St John's Torbay Road  - Open
Nova Scotia

  • Antigonish College and Creighton  - Open

  • Bedford Hemlock Square  - Open

  • Dartmouth Burnside and Commodore  - Open

  • Dartmouth Penhorn Plaza  - Open

  • Halifax Barrington Place  - Open

  • Halifax Clayton Park Plaza  - Open

  • Halifax Joseph Howe   - Open

  • Halifax Park Lane  - Open

  • New Glasgow Aberdeen Shopping Centre  - Open

  • Sackville Downsview Plaza  - Open

  • Tantallon Westwood  - Open

  • Truro Queen and Elm  - Open

  • The Ontario Government announced on October 9, 2020, that indoor gyms and fitness centres in Ottawa, Peel Region, and Toronto are required to close for 28 days, effective Saturday, October 10.

  • In line with these restrictions, all GoodLife Clubs in Ottawa, Peel Region and Toronto will be closed until Saturday, November 7. For information about whether or not your Club is affected by these new restrictions please see the list of clubs below.

  • Following new restrictions announced by the Ontario Government, GoodLife Clubs in York Region will be closed for 28 days effective Monday, October 19. We will provide all Members in this region with a comprehensive update via email as soon as possible.

  • Ajax Harwood Plaza  - Open

  • Ajax Rossland and Salem  - Open

  • Ajax Taunton and Westney  - Open

  • Alliston Market Village  - Open

  • Ancaster Wilson and McClure  - Open

  • Aurora Centre  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Barrhaven Chapman Mills Marketplace  - Open

  • Barrhaven Strandherd Crossing  - Open

  • Barrie Commerce Park  - Open

  • Belleville Quinte Mall  - Open

  • Bradford Holland and Sideroad 10  - Open

  • Brampton Bramalea City Centre  - Open

  • Brampton Gateway  - Open

  • Brampton Kingspoint Plaza  - Open

  • Brampton Mayfield and Bramalea  - Open

  • Brampton McLaughlin Corners West  - Open

  • Brampton Woodhill  - Open

  • Burlington Appleby Crossing  - Open

  • Burlington Centre  - Open

  • Cambridge Hespeler and Eagle   - Open

  • Etobicoke Bloor Islington Place  - Open

  • Etobicoke East Mall and Burnhamthrope  - Open

  • Etobicoke West Metro Centre  - Open

  • Georgetown Guelph and Mountainview  - Open

  • Georgetown Sinclair and Guelph  - Open

  • Grimsby Industrial and South Service  - Open

  • Guelph Eramosa and Stevenson  - Open

  • Guelph Pergola Commons  - Open

  • Hamilton Jackson Square  - Open

  • Hamilton Lime Ridge  - Open

  • Hamilton Queenston Place   - Open

  • Hamilton Stone Church and Upper Ottawa  - Open

  • Hamilton Upper James and Rymal  - Open

  • Kanata Eagleson Place  - Open

  • Kanata Hazeldean and Castlefrank  - Open

  • Kingston Barrack and Wellington  - Open

  • Kitchener Fairway Plaza  - Open

  • Kitchener Williamsburg  - Open

  • London King and Wellington  - Open

  • London Masonville  - Open

  • London Oxford and Adelaide  - Open

  • London Sherwood Forest Mall  - Open

  • London Southdale and Wellington  - Open

  • London Talbot Village  - Open

  • Markham Birchmount and Enterprise  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Markham Bullock and McCowan  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Markham Markville Mall  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Markham Yonge and Kirk  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Milton Main Street and Thompson  - Open

  • Milton Steeles and Thompson  - Open

  • Mississauga Glen Erin and Eglinton  - Open

  • Mississauga Heartland Town Centre  - Open

  • Mississauga Mavis and Dundas  - Open

  • Mississauga Meadowvale Town Centre  - Open

  • Mississauga South Common Centre  - Open

  • Mississauga Square One  - Open

  • Newmarket York Town Square  - Open

  • North Bay Downtown  - Open

  • North York Don Mills and Eglinton  - Open

  • North York Dufferin and Finch  - Open

  • North York Madison Centre  - Open

  • North York Sheppard and Consumers  - Open

  • North York Steeles and Woodbine  - Open

  • North York Victoria Terrace  - Open

  • North York Weston and 401  - Open

  • North York Yonge and Finch  - Open

  • North York York Mills Centre  - Open

  • Oakville Oak Park and Dundas  - Open

  • Oakville Place  - Open

  • Oakville South Oakville Centre  - Open

  • Oakville Town Centre  - Open

  • Oakville Trafalgar Ridge Plaza  - Open

  • Orangeville Square  - Open

  • Orleans Tenth Line and Charlemagne  - Open

  • Oshawa Centre Mall  - Open

  • Oshawa Harmony and Taunton  - Open

  • Ottawa Baseline and Woodroffe  - Open

  • Ottawa Gloucester Centre  - Open

  • Ottawa Herongate Square  - Open

  • Ottawa Hunt Club (Nepean)  - Open

  • Ottawa Lansdowne Stadium  - Open

  • Ottawa Place D'Orleans  - Open

  • Ottawa Queen and Bank  - Open

  • Ottawa Queensview  - Open

  • Ottawa Rideau Centre  - Open

  • Ottawa St Laurent Centre  - Open

  • Owen Sound Heritage Place   - Open

  • Peterborough Portage Place  - Open

  • Peterborough Voyageur Place  - Open

  • Pickering Liverpool and Kingston  - Open

  • Pickering Ridge  - Open

  • Richmond Hill Bayview and Hwy Seven  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Richmond Hill Hillcrest Mall  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Sarnia Oak Acres  - Open

  • Sault Ste Marie Great Northern and Second Line  - Open

  • Scarborough Cedarbrae Mall  - Open

  • Scarborough Kennedy and Lawrence  - Open

  • Scarborough Kingston and Eglinton  - Open

  • Scarborough Select and Markham  - Open

  • Scarborough Town Centre  - Open

  • St Catharines Bunting and Carlton  - Open

  • Stittsville Corners  - Open

  • Stouffville Main and Mostar < - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Strathroy Metcalfe and Zimmerman  - Open

  • Sudbury LaSalle and Gary  - Open

  • Sudbury Southridge Mall  - Open

  • Tecumseh Manning and Tecumseh  - Open

  • Timmins Waterloo and Algonquin  - Open

  • Toronto 137 Yonge Street  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Bell Trinity Centre  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Bloor and Bay  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Bloor and Park  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto College and Euclid  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Coxwell and Gerrard  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Danforth and Pape  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Dunfield and Eglinton  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto King Liberty  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Manulife Centre  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Mount Pleasant and Davisville  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Richmond and Bathurst   - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Richmond and John  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Street   - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Union Station  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Wellington and York  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Yonge and St Clair  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Toronto Yonge Eglinton Centre  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Vaughan Keele and Highway 7  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Vaughan Major MacKenzie and Weston  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Vaughan Milani and Highway 27  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Vaughan Weston and Northview  - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  • Waterloo Weber and University  - Open

  • Whitby Centrum  - Open

  • Whitby Taunton and Brock  - Open

  • Windsor Dougall and Cabana  - Open

  • Windsor Tecumseh Mall  - Open

  • Woodstock Dundas and Kent  - Open
Prince Edward Island

  • Charlottetown Belvedere Plaza   - Open

  • Prince Albert South Hill Mall  - Open

  • Regina Albert and 25 Ave  - Open

  • Regina Victoria Square  - Open

  • Saskatoon Preston Crossing  - Open

  • Saskatoon The Centre  - Open

As we reopen our Clubs across the country, we are introducing a number of new cleaning practices and protocols in order to protect the health of our Members, Associates and community. While many of these new practices will be adopted by our Associates, our Members also have a very important role to play in helping us maintain The GoodLife Standard.

Updates to our Safety Cleaning Practices:

  • We have invested in 300 Victory Electrostatic Sprayers so that each club has its own dedicated device.
  • We have procured a one-step hospital grade disinfectant and contact sanitizer that will be used for frequent touchpoint cleaning throughout our Clubs.
  • There will be 30 minutes of dedicated cleaning time after every hour of Member activity. This time will be used to reset the Club and prepare for the next workout block.
  • Our Associates will adopt a “constantly cleaning” mind-set, ensuring special attention is always given to high-touch surfaces.
  • Members will be required to wipe down their equipment BEFORE and AFTER each use. To make this convenient, additional spray bottles and new Certainty™ Disinfectant Wipes stations will be strategically placed throughout Clubs.
  • Additional hand sanitizer has been made available, including the installation of hand sanitizer stations at strategic locations throughout the Club.
  • Protective barriers have been installed at designated locations where Associates and Members meet, including the front desk, presentation tables, and consultation areas, where possible.
  • All GoodLife Associates will be required to wear masks, with the exception of Group Fitness Instructors who are actively teaching a class.
  • Locker availability will be reduced and lockers will be cleaned after each use to ensure it is safe for the next Member. *Note: Some provincial guidelines prohibit the use of lockers in fitness clubs at this stage of reopening.


Why Online Booking?

With online booking, we’re finding a balance between providing the safest Club environment possible AND an exceptional experience for our Members.

Here's how it helps everyone:

  1. Guarantee your workout time: Members will be greeted into the Club when your workout is scheduled to begin.

  2. Maintain a safe Club Capacity: A preset capacity for each Club helps facilitate physical distancing and reduces the potential spread of communicable illnesses.

  3. You can work out without booking, BUT with capacity limits, you will only be allowed entry if there is space. A booking guarantees your spot.

About Booking

  • Please ensure you bring your GoodLife key tag when you come for your workout. *Note – your key tag is also available on the GoodLife App. (iOS, Android).
  • Members are permitted to book only ONE (1) time block per day, however, they are welcome to try and walk-in at any other time block, as many times as they like, on the same day.
  • Members are permitted to use any Club location that is included in their current Membership.
  • Members who do not show up to their Club access bookings more than twice in a 2-week period will be unable to book for 7 days. These Members will be permitted to walk-in, if space is available.
  • To avoid booking sanctions, Members must ensure they cancel at least 1 hour in advance of the booking start time. Cancellations received with less than 1-hour notice will be considered late and will be considered a no show.
  • At the end of a workout time slot, all Members must leave the Club, regardless of their Club entry time.
  • Club capacity is calculated on a Club-by-Club basis, based on the square footage of the Club and the bookable areas.
  • Members who have not shown up for their workout at 15 minutes after the beginning of their booking time slot may have their spots given away if there are walk-in Members waiting to enter.

Members will be permitted to book into the following areas of the Club:

  • General Workout Area
  • Group Fitness Studio
  • Cycling Studio
  • For Women

Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training sessions will continue to be booked by your Personal Trainer. Clients do not need to book a workout themselves in order to enter the Club for their session. See Personal Training section for details.

However, if a Personal Training client is entering the Club for an individual workout or Group Fitness class, they will be required to book a spot using the GoodLife Mobile App (iOS, Android) or through our Member Portal.


Book your workout in 4 simple steps.

  1. Login to
  2. Click "Book" on the main menu
  3. Select whether you want to book a class or a workout
  4. Select your specific class or time slot

Attending Your Session

Arriving at the Club

Members are required to line up outside the Club, in the designated waiting area, prior to the booking start time. Signage will indicate the physical distancing requirements and indicate how Members should be organized.

Booked Members: Members who are booked will see signage to indicate where they should line up. Members must line up until the Greeter indicates they are okay to enter the Club. Once in the Club, Members must check themselves in by scanning their Member card to open the gate.

Walk-ins: Walk-ins are permitted, based on remaining Club capacity. If a walk-in arrives at the Club and there is capacity in the area they are requesting access to (i.e. general workout area, For Women area), they will need to book into an available spot. Signage will indicate where walk-ins are to line up. If there are no available spots, the Member is permitted to wait in the approved waiting area outside of the Club to see if capacity becomes available. As Members leave the Club, waiting Members will be permitted access on a one-in one-out basis, as long as they intend to use the same area as the departing Member. These Members must be checked in, and agree to leave the Club at the end of the Member use period, regardless of the Club entry time.


Additional information about your Membership

  • Pre-authorized payment schedules will resume on the day Clubs in your home province reopen but your payment withdrawal day will remain the same as before the COVID-19 freeze.
  • Any days accrued through payments prior to our Clubs closing will be applied to your account and will cover your access to GoodLife facilities for a corresponding number of days once Clubs in your region reopen.

Options For You

In addition to the robust standards we are implementing, we are also providing diverse options to accommodate our Members, such as Remote Personal Training, digital workouts and content on our App and website. If you aren't ready to return to your Club, we understand and will offer a free temporary membership freeze.


When our Clubs first reopen, strict capacity requirements will be set to ensure GoodLife is meeting or exceeding the recommendations set by public health authorities. We will also temporarily close services and amenities where physical distancing is not possible or where other risk factors may be present.

Reduced Amenities

Certain amenities will be available, but some have been reduced on a Club-by-Club basis.

Members will have access to the For Women workout area, the consultation area, the Group Fitness Studio and Cycling Studio and the Personal Training area. MindDEN will be available to one Member or Associate at a time.

Please check your local Club to find out which amenities are available to you.

Find a location by entering your city or postal code.


General Workout Areas

GoodLife has implemented a number of measures, including directional arrows, signage and placement to ensure physical distancing can be achieved. Where possible, equipment may be disabled and/or relocated to facilitate this. Members are still expected to use best judgement when determining if a piece of equipment or workout area can be used safely while maintaining the recommended 2 metres (6 ft) of physical distancing.

Changerooms and Washrooms

In the majority of provinces, washroom and changeroom facilities will remain open to Members and Associates, however, proper physical distancing must be maintained at all times. Where possible, an Associate will be present during high traffic periods to assist with physical distancing and provide reminders to Members if needed.



Personal Training will be available in Club, as well as through a new Remote Personal Training option.

In order to reduce the potential for contact and/or movement around the Club, please ensure the below guidelines are followed at all times:

  • All Personal Trainers will be required to wear a mask when training with clients.
  • To ensure proper physical distancing measures, no physical contact will be permitted in Personal Training sessions, unless it is needed to ensure safety and prevent injury.
  • Clients must be prepared to handle their own weights and equipment. Workouts must be modified so as not to require spotting. Alternatives such as bands must be used in place of assisted stretching.
  • Personal Training can only take place on the general workout area or in the Personal Training area. Personal Training is not permitted in the Group Fitness Studio.
  • All equipment used will be cleaned before and after use.
  • All Personal Training consultations will take place at presentation tables equipped with protective barriers.

Remote Personal Training

GoodLife now offers Remote Personal Training as an exciting option for our Personal Training clients who want to work with their Personal Trainer virtually from the comfort of their home. No changes to your current Personal Training package are required. Current sessions in inventory, as well as new sessions purchased, can be used for both in-club or Remote Personal Training. If you are an existing Member, but not a Personal Training client and are interested in Remote Personal Training, please call your home Club to learn more.


Members will continue to have access to an amazing selection of live and virtual Group Fitness classes. Studios have been modified to ensure that physical distancing is possible, and classes have been modified, where possible, to ensure less movement. Group Fitness class offerings have also been modified, as we want to make sure we are running classes that can achieve our desired level of safety, while still meeting The GoodLife Standard that Members have come to expect.

If you are attending a Group Fitness Class, we ask that you bring your own mat. If your class will need straps or blocks, please bring those, as well. Keep personal items at your station and be mindful of your neighbours, ensuring you do not move from your designated spot in the studio. Upon arrival, please set up at a station that is away from the studio door in order to avoid contact with others as they come in. You are able to grab additional weights, if needed. After the class is complete, remove all plates from the bar and leave the Club mat unrolled if you used one.

Class Set-Up and Clean-Up

Group Fitness classes will be set-up for Members in advance to ensure physical distancing. After the class, Members will be directed to leave their equipment at their stations, and Associates will ensure the equipment is cleaned and prepared for the next class.

Group Fitness Check-In Process

Members must wait outside of the Club at the beginning of their 1-hour time slot and enter the Club at the same time as the other participants in the class. An Associate will be present to take attendance and allow entry to walk-ins based on available capacity.

Classes will be scheduled to begin 10 minutes after a workout timeslot has begun, but can start earlier if the class is full. Classes are to end no later than the Club exit time. When exiting, the back row will leave the studio first, followed by the rest of the participants in an orderly fashion.

Passes and sign-up sheets will not be used in Group Fitness classes at this time. Attendance lists will be provided to the Instructors in advance to confirm attendance.

Virtual Fitness

Virtual Fitness will operate in much the same way as a live Group Fitness class, with programming that will begin 10 minutes after Club entry time and will end close to Club exit time.

A GoodLife Associate will be present to power up the studio for any Members who are booked for a particular Virtual Fitness class. If no Members have booked a class, but someone wishes to use the studio, they must request assistance from an Associate, who can then set up the studio for the Member.

Members will continue to have access to a huge variety of amazing Fitness Class options from home and are encouraged to explore the digital offerings available on our website and App(iOS, Android).